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Naturby x Nature People

14 nov


lør. 14. nov. kl. 12.00 til kl. 22.00
2-300 kr.
Naturby is a recurring festival which focuses on the state of nature and its relevance for human beings.
14th of November Naturby will for the first time move to the center of Copenhagen, in collaboration with the new event creators, Nature People. Nature People creates room for sharing and connecting knowledge and skills focused on environmental and personal sustainability.
At this event you can experience hands-on workshops like natural dyeing of fabrics and matcha tea making, as well as jazz music, vegetarian food, drinks from a local brewery, Ecstatic Dance and more.


Our program is divided into three rooms and an outdoor area.
The Scene Room
  • 13.00 - Wild matcha-inspired tea workshop
  • 13.00 - Natural Dye Workshop
  • 15.00 - Movement Workshop
  • 17.30 - Beautiful Jazz Band
  • 19.30 - Ecstatic Dance
The Hangout Room
  • 12.00 - Hangout and cozy music
  • 14.00 - Talks (to be announced)
  • 17.00 - Hangout and a space to eat
Outdoor Area
  • 13.00 - Herbal, wild and edible nature
  • 15.00 - Gro Selv
Exhibition Room
  • ARTEM art exhibition: Sustainability
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Due to Covid-19 regulations we’re only selling 70 tickets.
There are 20 tickets available for students or unemployed.
Always buy your ticket via our system - we can’t cover any losses due to fake tickets.
Come dance, listen, talk, eat, laugh, learn and more on this magical Saturday in November.