Piano Concert: Roman Wróblewski

Depot CPH is thrilled to invite you to the very special event. Meet polish pianist Roman Wróblewski on his European tour promoting the debut album "3:47"

The album "3:47 am" was released in April 2021 and is a collection of 8 very personal compositions, balancing on the border of classical music and improvisation.

Roman Wróblewski has performed successfully in Asia and several European countries.

This special evening will feature some of the beautiful music videos and visuals Roman has produced over the years. The video for "Big Hug" directed by Andre Abrantini, which has been nominated in the EXTRA category of the PL Music Video Awards 2021, will be shown in Depot.CPH.

About Depot

DEPOT is conceptualized by creatives Saimon Skurichin and Ken Kuusk. Run by a nonprofit organization - Nordic Community. In the center of Copenhagen, we have created a meeting space for down-to-earth and simple food, audio arts, and people. We are open as a regular cafe for any time lunch/dinner and organic coffee and local beer from BRØL. DEPOT’s radio booth is in the middle of our open space and filled with programs that can be enjoyed in our venue and online. We source talents from local and international, established and upcoming DJs, podcasters, talk shows, etc. The radio is the platform to be heard. 


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